Sunday, March 20, 2011

Down in the d-u-m-p-s....

I'm down in the dumps due to hormones, which I would like to thank the Mirena IUD for. A quick note on the mirena IUD it's the devil, I am convinced it is pure evil.
My husband has been awesome, taking care of my crazy self, taking care of Clara, taking care of the house and all our animals, he has been amazing. While I'm going through this spell, that I hope will pass soon, I have found joy in the little things, like our new baby chicks, the spring flowers that are blooming (even though they are making Brent go into anaphylatic shock), watching the birds eat out of my bird feeders, and the two fat squirrels that think they should have a little snack too, my sweet girl literally learning to potty train in a day, my boxer Lola laying right next to me in bed all day watching over me while I deal with my crazy mood swings, Brent still loving me and wanting to take care of me when I'm crying and snotting  all over myself, and most of all my family. And like they say " this to shall pass."

( Oh and this little girl makes my day so much brighter to!)


Carrie said...

Em, Big hugs for you. I hope this passes soon. huggggg!

I'm soo excited potty training is going so well for you. It's not going anywhere for us, she likes to sit on the potty, but never does anything. I think we're going to go the naked baby route once it get warm and stays warm.


Lady Em said...

Thanks Carrie!
We went the naked baby route, well we just took her bottoms off! A few accidents, she's still not to keen on "pooping" in the potty, but the "pee-pee" is going really well. Just have some carpet cleaner ready, stick the potty chair in the middle of the floor and I promise she will get it! Thank you again, hormones suck! Hope ya'll are well, love to Liv!!!!