Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sugar and Spice and all that is nice........

That's what little GIRL'S are made of!!!!!!!!!
Thursday we went for our 20 week ultrasound, and after much anticipation and a little babe that wouldn't let us see what we were having for the first twenty minutes finally decided to move, and yes ya'll I about fell off the table, we're having a GIRL!!! I have to say that I am literally tickled pink!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's that time of year again.

Today is my birthday!!!!!!! I was born exactly 26 years ago at two in the morning in Athens, Georgia. My birthday's recently make me a little sad, one is the fact that I am getting older and I feel it, and another reason is that the past few haven't been spent with my family. I am a big cheese ball and I love to be with mine or Brent Boy's family for all holidays. My birthday does make me so thankful for everything that I have been blessed with though, and it's especially exciting this year because I am getting to spend it with not only Brent Boy but the babe in the belly too!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

~Let the hauntings begin.

So I promised ya'll that I would one day get around to telling you some more spooky if not downright scary ghost stories about Savannah, and today is your lucky day.
The following story comes from one of Al Cobb's books Savannah's Ghosts. If you are really interested in the tales of Savannah, I would highly recommend this author, because you will find every ghost story you want to know about Savannah in his books. I am a little bias though, because I found the answer to 432 Abercorn (finally) in one of his books.
This story gives me the chills every time I read it, and let's just say I never want to be caught after dark on West Oglethorpe Avenue, and that is saying a lot since I tend to waltz right in to a haunted situation. So here it goes, enjoy.
Apparently, West Oglethorpe Avenue is haunted. The whole blasted street, and not in a good way. Most of the time you have those friendly ghosts, those wandering ghosts, or those just plain curious ghosts. Sometimes though you get those not so nice ghosts, the ones that are of a nasty breed. This story deals with that nasty breed.
A couple and another renter live (probably should use lived here), in a old row house on West Oglethorpe. They shared more than just the same house. Strange things were happening. Very strange things indeed. Things like shampoo bottles flying across the bathroom, cold spots throughout the house, loud crashes for no reason, and the feeling that you were being watched where ever you went in the house, I'm sure at least one or two of ya'll have experienced this not so comfy sensation.
One night two of the three were away, and left was the young man that lived there, poor guy. So there he was in his room with his dog on the bed with him, and suddenly the dogs ears perked up, and he looked as if he was listening and waiting. Now I will tell ya'll when my dogs do this it really freaks me out, especially when they do it for no apparent reason. Suddenly this man started hearing strange sounds, like a flag in the wind, and that is when the dog lost it. Barking and growling and generally going crazy. He felt a sudden cold chill over his bed, then saw something dark hovering over his bed, all the while the dog was trying to attack this thing that was floating there. He felt a cold finger push into his ear, and push his head down, all the while trying to escape this thing that was torturing him. Then he started to smell something foul and disgusting. Finally he screamed, and what ever was harassing him left just as quickly as it came. The dog went back to being a dog, and everything went back to normal. Now what gets me is that their have been many of the same type of attacks, if not worse happen in a two to three mile range on the same street. Just what in the heck is going on? It seems like something dark is hanging out there ready to scare the pants off anyone. My advice, if you ever come to Savannah stay off that street.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

~Fat and Happy

So second trimester cravings are kicking in. All I want lately is orange juice and bacon. I just finished, and this is gonna sound bad, a whole packet of bacon!!!!!!! What the heck is wrong with me? I just can't get enough. Actually tonight was the first night that I really let myself indulge, and indulge I did!! Oh and don't worry ya'll, I burnt the tar out of it. I am just glad that food is starting to look good again. I didn't realize how much I missed it.
I plan on posting some belly pictures soon, I am just all of a sudden rather shy about it. I think it's because I am convinced that I look like I have a beer gut.

Friday, September 12, 2008

~You've got mail.

It's late, I'm tired, but I can't seem to sleep, so I checked my email since I haven't in ages, and what do you know, another email about 432 Abercorn, and you know I can't pass it up without sending practically a ten page paper on the place back. I have to say I am quite frustrated with these tour companies here blowing the poor house all out of proportion. Really though, their are much more scarier stories and hauntings that actually took place in Savannah without having to make stuff up........
of course I am going to do a post on them for you!!!!!! You know I can't pass a good ol' haunting up!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

~A thing for blue

Pregnancy has brought on a lot of changes. The normal changes that you see in your body, and then the weird little changes, like your personal taste. Who would have thought that I would start liking colors that I never really thought much about? Now let me tell ya'll, red is by far my favorite color. I love red. Red walls, red lampshades, red duvet covers and sheets, chipped red barn yard paint on furniture, tomatoes, well you get my point. Lately though I have had a thing for blue, you can call it a crush, and I don't think it's going away. I had a navy blue room once in high school, that is about all my experience with blue. Oh and Brent Boy painted our bathroom a turquoise blue color because it was the only paint lying around. Other than that, I am not a blue connoisseur. Yesterday I caught myself staring in deep contemplation at a dark blue towel that we have. I was just staring away thinking, man that is such a pretty color. Blue to me has a depth that is incredibly deep, no matter what the shade. It's comforting in a way to, safe I suppose. And that is just what I have been looking for. In between all that's going on in my life, the daily ends and outs, the economic stresses, the work stresses, and the moving stresses ( we are planning on moving as soon as we can), who would have thought that a blue towel would give me a sense of comfort, safety and peace? I have always been a creature who like to lounge in cozy surroundings. I am very sensitive to my surroundings as well, so maybe that has something to do with it. Moments where you find yourself just staring at something because it's beautiful and so simple are the best. I love the way that lamps cast a warm glow, or the way books are lined on a bookshelf. The way that candles flicker, and a clean warm kitchen late at night with only a nightlight to light the room glows. The sound of a dryer going when you go to sleep, the smell of clean sheets, breakfast being cooked early on a Saturday morning. Yes I am a creature of comfort. So when we move, whenever that may be, because we and both sides of the family are chopping at the bit for us to move closer to home, I know a room will get painted blue. I am not sure which shade yet, but I guess it really doesn't matter, because I seem to now love the color blue.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~You darn nugget!!!!!!!!

Apparently I do not get along with chicken nuggets. Oh no. Brent Boy cooked some tonight, and one bite, and well lets just say that was all she wrote. Chicken in general has not been my cup of tea lately. Actually nothing much has. What is a preggers girl to eat? The most I can stomach as far as meat is a really charred steak, and a hot dog cut up into little pieces eaten very slowly. I look forward to the day when I can eat and enjoy what I am eating again. Hopefully all this morning sickness yuck will pass soon, with me now moving into my 2nd trimester, and I will be able to make a full plate and eat it to. If anyone has any suggestions on what might help, or what might be easy on the stomach, please feel free to share!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

~Who ever knew you were this smart?

I know this seems to be the topic of all my blogs lately, but it seems that everyone is starting a blog, and I just have to share. I promise I will post something of substance soon, I have just been feeling so draggy and lazy lately. 
My darlin' dad started a blog, and I thought I would share. He is a travel agent among other things, and he started a travel blog. I spent time reading it today, and well I guess I underestimated just how packed full of history and facts my dad is. He did a great post on hidden London, so ya'll go check it out, learn something, and give him a warm welcome!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

~Strange Going's On In Georgia

Ya'll have got to go look at The Professor's blog for some scary, interesting and local strange stories. Check out the one on big foot and the haunted square. Notice I am not giving to much away here......

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~Lady Em's guide to those blasted hurricanes.

1. Become hysterical. (A lot of sighing, fanning your face, and saying "oh Lord" helps.)

2. Call your daddy, your mama, your sister's and brother's, your grandma and grandpa, your aunts, uncles, cousin's, and all your friends to talk about the storm and ask their advice. A rule of thumb, you probably won't have to ask for their advice because they will give it to you anyway.

3. Throw a fit. Depending on how many people are around, depends on the size of the fit.

4. Pack the dogs, your bible, your rifles and your best high heels.

5. Make sure you have a travel size bottle of bourbon in your purse, if your pregnant substitute for seltzer water and just pretend it is bourbon.

6. Talk to everyone you see about the hurricane. Don't worry they will be more than happy to talk to you to. Make sure you get everyone. The lady behind the counter at the gas station, the fast food restaurant folks, the old man in the pick up in the parking lot, the mama's and the little old ladies in the bathroom.

7. Make sure you sit in the back seat of the car, so you can take full advantage of talking your significant other's ear off while he just drives and nods.

8. When you get to your safe destination far away from the storm, cry and become hysterical again.

9. Call all your friends and family again, and say the same thing over and over again.

10. Stay glued to the news, and then cry again when the storm hits. (If you are pregnant you can blame this all on hormones.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~Hurricane Highway

So I didn't fall in my mop bucket, I think Betsy was worried about that, but I have been busy with work and sick with the nice congestion that pregnancy brings. We went to the OB last Wednesday, and we got to hear the heartbeat!!!!!! She told me we might not be able to hear it because I was only a little over 10 weeks, but as soon as she put the Doppler on my belly we heard our babe's heartbeat for the first time. It was absolutely amazing!! First we heard my ultra loud heartbeat and then right after the babe's. It was the coolest thing to hear, the heartbeat of our little one. I wish I could hear it everyday.
Well ya'll it looks like we might be getting slammed by a hurricane on late Thursday or Friday. If ya'll have been watching the weather channel or the news I'm sure you've seen it to. Hurricane Hanna, which keeps going between a tropical storm and hurricane is barreling towards us. It's been slowed down by Gustav, but now that Gustav is moving out, Hanna is gaining strength. I was shocked when I saw the projected path. Savannah is usually pretty safe because we are tucked away and we have a ton of marsh land. The last hurricane to hit Savannah was hurricane David in 1979, and even then it wasn't a direct hit. Savannah has a horrible problem with flooding due to our ancient sewer systems, and that is one of my biggest concerns right now. So ya'll I have to say I am nervous. We will be packing up and heading to Atlanta if it looks like it's going to get bad down here. It looks like I might have to come up with my own hurricane list soon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

~I'm throwing in the towel, and the mop and the broom

I will gladly come and clean your house, and enjoy every second of it, but when it comes to my own you can forget it. For some reason when it comes to cleaning my house I get so overly frustrated, I end up stomping around about ready to pull my hair out!!!!! I love a clean house, but when it comes to the cleaning I turn my nose up at it. Now I am not afraid to get dirty, scrub the bathtub, or clean the fridge, I just get plain overwhelmed. When I start cleaning my house, I somehow convince myself that no matter how long or hard I clean it will always always be dirty and something else will always need cleaning. It really feels like a never ending story. Maybe it's due to the fact that every time you go outside here, you end up tracking in sand no matter how hard you try not to. Or maybe it's the climate, and for some reason I don't associate hot and humid with being clean. Or maybe I should just blame my mama and my grandma for having ridiculously clean houses, I mean impeccably clean houses, all the time. Of course when I think about it they are a little obsessive compulsive about their houses. I need a maid or a bull dozer. Maybe one day soon I will be able to find my cleaning zen and get this house in tip top shape.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well I'll Be........

My daddy is probably one of the funniest people I know. He lives in South Florida where they are about to get hammered by that hurricane. It doesn't faze him much since he was raised there and has seen more storms than I could count on two hands. I got this email from him late last night. He is quite the writer in his spare time, and loves to send out these hilarious emails. I don't know how or where my daddy gets these crazy ideas but he does. Anyway he has an alias, he likes to act like he is cajun, which we are somewhere down the line, and he has renamed himself as you will see. Here is his hurricane list. 

Well , this time of year de only thing Boudreaux hate more than them damn Miami Harricanes is de real thing , I gawraantee .So , here he go again with de harricane prepared list :

1 . Go to liquor store

2 . harvest crawdad

3 . drink liquor

4 . bring in my bird dog Phidoux and Rove'

5 . Straps my wife Celestine to de big palm tree

6 . drink more . Celestine , she tough to strap down .

7. give bird dog Phidoux and Rove' a shot each . Celestine make them nervous too .

8 . Go back to liquor store

9 . Boil them crawdad

10 . Wait for damn storm

Sunday, August 17, 2008

~This Week So Far.

My food aversions and upset stomach took a break for a couple of days and then came back with a vengeance.

I really really hate spicy chicken wings.

Heartburn is a common thing nowadays.

I am developing mountains on my chest, (pretty cool, but I wonder how big they will get).

I am hot all the time!!!!!!

I have never had such vivid dreams in my life, it is amazing and sometimes scary.

I have a little babe bump!!!!!!

I could and would sleep all day if Brent-Boy would let me.

I am still craving pie.

I am doing a lot of reading on breast feeding. If anyone has any suggestions please share!!

I am in love with two people now, not just one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

~Book Worm

I am a book worm I admit. I probably should have been a librarian, or maybe I will just become one. I love children's books that make you think. One of my favorites is A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I just finished reading it again for the fiftieth time I am sure. I however didn't know that their were more books in the quintet until one of my best friends told me on the phone, I about keeled over from excitement. So while at the bookstore last week I picked up the second in the series. I would have bought the others, but the second was all they had, I think I was meant to have it. I just finished it, and it was just as amazing as the first. I love getting lost in a book!!!!!!

"You're given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. What you say is completely up to you."
- Madeleine L'Engle, 
A Wrinkle in Time

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Been Dreaming Of........ Pie?

That's right pie. Last night I dreamt of making a key lime pie with my best friends recipe, it is delicious. Then I dreamt I made one of my mama's home made cherry pies that she makes me almost every time I come home. Of course in the dream I ate both of them without one ounce of regret, and to top it all off I took a nap this afternoon and right before Brent-Boy woke me up I was dreaming of eating blueberry waffles with whip cream!!!!! I don't think I have ever eaten a blueberry waffle in my life!! I think it might be wise to pick up some pie shells or on second thought maybe just a frozen pie since I have a tendency to burn things in the kitchen, and accidentally make strange concoctions, when I go to the store. I have a feeling that if I don't take care of this craving now it might turn into me stuffing frozen key lime pie in my mouth next time we go to the store.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

~Go Visit The Bag Lady

My dear sweet friend, mommy of two gorgeous babes that I went to high school with (high school, wow) has a wonderful new blog featuring her awesome, homemade bags that will make you drool!!!!!!! Please go take a peek, they are so neat, and I am planning on ordering one or two for diaper bags in the near future!! She puts her heart and soul into these babies, and they are beautiful and funky. I love a funky bag that no one else has!! So give her a warm welcome ya'll!!!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Did anyone see the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Bejing? It was amazing!!!!!! I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. It reminded me of one of the Harry Potter movies, The Goblet of Fire, and to think I thought that only witches and wizards could pull stunts like that off!!!!!!:)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

~The Dye Is Cast

Now the time has come my dear for you to wander else where but here. You will see the things that might make you smile or jump in fright. Don't be afraid, don't be alarmed, for only you can allow such harm. And if you're strong and if you stay, you might just wake to see another day. You've made your choice, you've said you vows, you pricked your finger, you've heard the howls. No turning back, no second thoughts, the dye is cast, and your future is now told.

How, oh how did it come to this. Not more than two hours ago I had sat in the comfort and warmth of my grandparents house and made a choice that I was forced to make. She said it wouldn't be easy, she said that I would see with more than just my eyes, she said I would have to face things that most only dream of in nightmares, and now here I was. I was standing in the woods, deep in the dark woods that surrounded my grandparents house and I was waiting. I was waiting for what Ashlin said would be my initiation. It wasn't supposed to be me, my grandmother was the one that said she would handle it, but Ashlin remained firm in the belief that I should go, it was time for me to go.
So there I stood, waiting and watching, and wondering what I would have to contend with, what I would have to face. I sat down, and stayed firmly planted in the middle of the ring of salt that Ashlin said I should draw for protection. Nothing she said could harm me as long as I stayed in that circle. What I thought would I see? Would it be monster's from story books, trolls that sat under bridges looking for something to eat, or pleasant fairies that would take my apprehension and fear away?
The full moon was gleaming in the sky, and the air was still, and the night calm. And as I started to relax, I saw it. A ripple at first, a ripple in the air, like one that you might see in water coming at me from the trees in front of me. It drew closer and as it drew closer it became a ripple with light in it. And then I saw a figure being born from this ripple that was fast approaching. Before I could catch my breath it stood in front of me, she stood in front of me, ghastly white and glowing, and yet almost floating on the air and looking down at me with such warmth that I lost my fear and found myself more curious than scared.
"Who are you?" I said
The women looked down at me with warm eyes, and I saw what looked to me to be the beautiful women from The Birth of Venus. Except her hair was jet black, and she was as thin as a rail, and wearing what looked to be ivy.
"I am the mother of the crossroads. You have come to meet me have you not?"
"Yes" I said in a whisper.
"Well then you know why you are here, and I am to instruct you in your duty that you will meet to those that have lost their way."
"Those who have lost there way?"
"Yes, look." And with that she turned and stretched out her hand, and I saw a sight I thought might cause me to go weak in the knees and faint, but somehow I stayed alert and awake, and I couldn't, I just couldn't tear my eyes away from the terrific sight that stood in front of me.

(Please look back at old posts to start the beginning of this story. It has taken me awhile, but I promise I will finish it one of these days, it just seems to be a lot longer than I had planned. Oh well, stories once started have quite a mind of there own!!!!!!!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week~

This week I am......
Full of gas (yuck)!!
Hungry for only certain foods.
Sick to my stomach a lot.
Sleepy and then up all night from insomnia.
Going to war with sinus headaches and allergies almost every day.
Needy, clingy.
Still a little in shock.
And most of all thankful.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The New Little Beekeeper~

Today was the ultrasound!!!!!

I woke up this morning after a not so pleasant night of a bad headache and throw up session last night, but that couldn't keep my spirits down. First let me say that we had the BEST ultra sound nurse who explained every single thing to me without me even having to ask!!!!!! That is a big deal for me ya'll, because I want to know it all. She dimmed the lights and Brent and I got a front row seat to the first appearance of the babe. The first thing I saw was the little heart just a beating away, and I started crying a laughing like a mad women, but I was so very amazed by this little miracle and seeing him/her for the first time, seeing a beating heart and a growing baby inside of me is the most amazing and most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

One shocker though, was finding out that I am not 9 weeks, nor am I further along. I am only 6.5 weeks!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? The crown to rump measurements showed how far along I am and I was shocked. I got over it though, I'll have to do a little back tracking in my books, but I don't want to rush it, and I'm going to try to stop being such a worry wort and just enjoy my first pregnancy, morning sickness and all. She told me that everything looked perfect, and she took the time to show me what and where everything was, and most of all she gave me the sense of comfort that I was looking for. I can't tell ya'll how amazing this lady was!!

On a pretty funny side note, she said I had an anatomically correct uterus that's picture could go in a text book, and then she turned to Brent-Boy and told him he should just keep me pregnant all the time because this is what I was made to do!! We had a good laugh about that, of course I can't think about another babe until this one gets through "cooking" as my mama says, although Brent-Boy has brought it up several times.

So that is about it ya'll. I am going to get Brent-Boy to convert the video to DVD or the Internet so I can post it in the next couple of days and you all can watch this little blessing from God. I feel so so blessed and I am so so thankful, words almost can not explain how I feel!!!!!!

And as Willow says, here is the new little beekeeper!!

(The top of the picture is not an alien head, thank goodness, but the yolk sac. Underneath that is the babe, crown to rump.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Ol' Babe In The Belly~

Okay ya'll, I know you want to know!!

Brent-Boy and I went to our first OB appointment today!! After being poked and prodded by needles, which was not very fun due to my gag reflex lately, we had the exam. Now there has been some question about just how far along I am, Brent says 9 weeks, and I say I don't really know. We concluded that my expected due date is March 03, 2009. And this makes for very interesting news, after the exam, the OB told me that it was possible that I might have a 10-12 Ibs. baby!!!!!! What?! I about jumped off the table. Ya'll I am not very big at all, how am I going to have a baby that big? She told me to watch my nutrition, but it's not like I am eating like a football player before the big game here. She said I could push a baby that size out though, I'd rather not push a 12 pounder out though, maybe a 9 pounder. As far as that though I will have more information and pictures and a video tomorrow, since we are getting our first ultra sound tomorrow at 12:15!!!!!! I think she wants to see how far along I am, and make sure everything is A-Okay in there. Brent-Boy and I are super excited, we've bought the video tape that he will convert into DVDs for the family, and we just can't wait!!

Thank you all again for all the sweet comments, and all the baby blessings!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Savannah How I Love You, But You Are So Very Hot!!

Our air conditioning is yet again on the fritz, and Savannah is terribly hot in the summer. I mean hot hot, steaming hot. I love Savannah but in the summer I could probably do with something along the lines of the Swiss Alps, or Antarctica. We get bugs here to, big ol' scary bugs. In fact I am sometimes amazed by the bugs we get here, and the mosquito's are awful. I layer to do laundry. But I have to say in the summer here, just like in the dead of winter, their is a rough beauty that makes Savannah what it is. Without the heat and the humidity, we wouldn't have our giant elephant ears, our magnolia blooms, or our azalea bushes that almost bloom all year here. Summer is when the wildlife in Savannah comes alive, and when the tourists really come rollin' in. If you make a trip out to the islands, people are catching fish and blue crab by the bucket, and the toughies are catching black fin, bonnet head and sand sharks. I've seen sea turtles the size of a large dining room table take fishing line, and jelly fish caught in cast nets. Summer thunderstorms roll in, and if you are lucky enough to be on River Street when it happens, it sets the stage, it is truly amazing. Summer here is hot and it can and will I can guarantee you be miserable if you are outside in the middle of the day. The mosquito's will swarm, the cicada's will sing, and the Spanish moss with blow calmly in the humid breeze. All you can really do is kick back, make sure you have a good fan, good bug spray, an ice cold drink, and you might just find yourself falling in love yet again with this strange old city.

Monday, July 21, 2008

One Nervous Nelly Makes A Break For The Movies.

So I have to tell ya'll, I have been one nervous nelly lately. I don't know what it is, first mommy thing and work probably. We've recently had some serious changes at work, and we decided to start a home office and work for one company after being jostled around between several companies for the past four months. So work has been on unstable ground, which will always put you on high alert, especially if you are in sells. And then just waiting and waiting and feeling like next Wednesday will never come, and wanting to know so much, (one of the biggest things is just knowing the baby is A-okay hanging out in the womb), and wanting to ask all the questions that I have, well more like grilling the doctor on the next eight months. I don't know if it is first time mommy stuff that I am just going to have to go through or not. Ya'll tell me?

So this nervous nelly made a break for the movies tonight. Now generally you couldn't drag me to the movies. If something interesting is coming on the History, National Geographic, of Discovery channel, I would much rather curl up on the couch with the dogs, a steaming cup of hot tea, and King Tut if I had it my way, but Brent-Boy is a film major, and going to the movies is a must around here. And the new batman it was, The Dark Knight, and I have to say I was very very impressed. Especially for one girl who has never really gotten into the comic thing. Now I have to say I liked the first one with Christian Bale alot, it was very good, but this one takes the prize, amazing. And I know it's been said before but Heath Ledger did an awesome performance. I was blown away by it. In fact I walked out of the theater saying "my he played an awesome crazy mad man, and he was scary." It was sad though watching the movie knowing that we won't be able to see him in a movie again, knowing that not only did we as an audience lose a great actor, but also lost a great person I am sure. So seeing this movie was enough to take my mind off, well, my mind. And I got a little break from driving myself nutty, and Brent-Boy got a break from me wandering around the house obsessing about every little thing. That is by the way my favorite thing to do when I am nervous or stressed.

So if you haven't seen it yet, and if you are like me, take a break from the History Channel or put the book down just for a little while and go see this movie. Hey it helped one nervous nelly.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Update

(This is the babe at 7 weeks!!!!!!!)
So my first morning of feeling queasy, usually it's in the afternoon, I got to wake up to a doggy accident in my living room. Brinkley, our English bulldog decided he couldn't hold it, and went to town, thank goodness we have hardwood floors, or I would still be scrubbing. Ya'll can imagine what that did for my upset tummy, it turned circles.

I have my first OB appointment July 30th, and I am so excited!!!!! I can't wait. Of course they will probably be shoving me out of the building after a couple of hours, due to all the questions I plan on asking. I am a dork, I am going to write every thing down.

My mom and I are starting to think that I just might be further along then we thought. I already have a belly!! It's not very big, but you can see it, and it's very firm to the touch. Brent-Boy felt it yesterday morning, and I thought he was going to crawl out of his skin, because he said it felt so weird!! I wonder what he's going to think when it starts to look like I swallowed a basketball?

So, I am hoping that the OB will be able to tell me how far along I am, because I really really want to know!!!!!

Oh and all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. In fact I am surprised I am not asleep right now!!

I will keep ya'll up to date on the baby news, wish me luck for my first appointment!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Might Be A Southern Gal' (of just a plain old redneck), if........

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now. I was thinking about my family the other day, and how funny they can be, even though sometimes they seem a little crazy, and what it means to be a southern gal' born and raised in Georgia. So you might be a Southern Gal' (or just a plain ol' redneck), if..........

1. Your grandma tells you it's "over yonder," and you understand where and what she means.

2. "The cows are out again," is a normal thing to hear.

3. You sleep with a shot-gun next to your bed, and it's usually loaded.

4. Riding four wheeler's through cow pastures on a Sunday afternoon with your cousins is your idea of a good time.

5. Your TV is always on the Outdoor Channel.

6. You ever got a spanking with a fly swatter, flip-flop, or other random object.

7. You call you mama, "mama" and your daddy, "daddy," and you are over the age of eight.

8. One of your favorite foods is corn bread.

9. You can't cook, but you sure can pull together a supper of black-eyed peas, cornbread, homemade macaroni and cheese, collard greens and sweet tea.

10. You love to fish, and Bill Dance is one of your hero's.

11. You have at least one aunt that looks like she bought the whole cosmetic aisle at the drugstore, and you are pretty sure she wears it all, at once.

12. The first thing you ever learned to drive was a tractor.

13. Your jungle gym when you were little was an old magnolia tree in your grandparents yard.

14. When you were a teenager, you tried to rebel and become a "vegetarian." When you looked at your grandpa and told him "I don't eat red meat," he looked at you like your were crazy, told you you were crazy, and then piled a big ol' steak onto your plate.

15. You are probably related to more than half the town you were raised in.

16. Your uncles all carry guns in their trucks.

17. Your uncles all carry around spit cups for chewing tobacco.

18. You have fond memories of laying out in the sun on your grandparents roof with you grandma and aunt when you were four.

19. You still have to use steps to get into your grandparents bed, where you still take naps.

20. Everyone in your family speaks with a slow southern drawl.

21. Your step-daddy looks like a character from Gone With The Wind, and he always has a cigar sticking out of his mouth.

22. Your mama made you pick your own switch when you were bad.

23. Your aunt and uncle used to ride the tractor to your parents house when you were a kid.

24. You sit on your grandparents wrap around front porch with them, rockin' in the rockin' chairs, and watch the late summer thunderstorms roll in.

25. Your mama told you that the two night birds that come out in Georgia say "Bob White" and "Whipper wheel."

26. You've ever blasted by a deer stand in the middle of hunting season with a golf cart, and thought you just might get shot.

27. Your brothers wear fish hooks on their hats.

28. Your mama drives a truck.

29. You've spent many a night in a honky-tonk with your sisters, watching a women sing Crazy by Patsy Cline.

30. Your grandparents use well water.

31. You have an alias, and it's "Tammy."

32. Your best friends daddy shots microwaves, VCR's, and old toilets out in his front yard.

33. You say "ya'll" all the time.

34. You say words like "dag gum, blasted, and for the love" when you get mad.

35. You say things like:
"He's got more nerve than Carter's got pills."
"I'm trudging through."
"She hung the moon."
"You need to have a come to Jesus meeting with him."
" The blasted thing just fell apart."
" He sure did slam on brakes."

36. Reenactments of the Civil War or The War Between The States is a day to day activity where you come from.

38. Your parents got stuck in the snow on a mountain when you were a baby, and you all had to sleep in the camper bed of the truck.

40. Your mama calls you just to gossip about everyone in town.

41. The majority of the women in your family are crazed Southern women, think Steel Magnolia's (Weezer).

42. Your whole family is very superstitious.

43. Everyone, including your grandma is a preacher in your family.

44. Your grandma stills scares the living daylights out of you.

45. You've ever eaten chicken mull from the church across the shoals.

46. Your grandpa eats pickled pigs feet, frog legs, chitlens, peanut brittle, canned meat, sardines and drinks his coffee black.

47. Your grandpa gets up at 5am every morning, and wakes everyone up with him.

48. One of the first songs you ever learned was Amazing Grace and it is still one of your favorites.

49. When your family gets together for the holidays, all of them bring their shot-guns and rifles and you all shoot skeet in the middle of your grandparents pastures.

50. You've ever harassed a cow, because you thought your grandma was lying, got charged, and then got stuck on a barbed wire fence.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tick, tock go see the clock......

I was just popping around to my favorite blogs like I usually do late at night when I can't sleep. And I stumbled yet again upon something amazing. Rima from The Hermitage,
has gone on another adventure, this time clock making, and I am in awe. Take a look at her amazing new website dedicated to her clocks Once Upon A Clock,
and make sure you have your speakers turned up!! It inspired me to write this little children's poem. I haven't written a poem in years, not very good, and just a little silly to. (I am blushing)

Tick tock go see the clock
You may find yourself upon a strange and mysterious walk
Don't be afraid
Don't look away
Join the circus of fairies and old tales
join the strange parade
The clock tells the time
The time of the day
But if you look closer
And don't look away
You just might see
What the world is really meant to be
And you might find
another clock
not just a clock of time....
So tick, tock go see the clock
Look and find
And to you, my dear friends take this little rhyme.

~Lady Em~

Thank You!!

Thank you all so very much for all your sweet comments, blessings and prayers!! I am so happy that I can share such wonderful news with such wonderful friends. I look forward to looking at every one's daily posts, and reading comments and such, and just sharing with some of the most warm hearted women that I know. I am proud to call you all my friends. Again thank you so much for everything!! I send my love, prayers, and thank yous to each and every one of you!!

Please Take A Peek....

Please take a look at my sweet friend Ramsey's new blog. She hails from North Carolina, and is one spit-fire of a southern gal. Last year at this time she was soon to be on her way to Australia and then New Zealand, and I am so glad she is back now!! She comes to visit me in Savannah all the time, where we go ghost hunting, drink chai lattes, and dream of living in Harry Potter land. So ya'll take a peek and give her a big welcome!! I am so glad she has come to blog-land!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No More Sushi For You..........

So I have had the strangest craving for spicy tuna rolls, I mean I am dreaming about them!! And guess what no more sushi, none, nada, zip. I love sushi, and I am a cravings type of girl anyways, so it's driving me nuts, at least I can still have my miso soup though. Another strange thing, very itchy hands and feet. I thought I was just imaging it, so Brent-Boy told me to Google it. Looks like some pregnant women get itchy hands and feet from the hormones that are running like mad through you body when you are preggers. So imagine me sitting here typing this covered in pink calamine lotion, because that is what I look like right about now. What a weird symptom of being pregnant. Did any of ya'll get any strange happenings like this going on when you were expecting?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh, Baby!!!!!!!!!

Oh, baby....
That's right ya'll I am pregnant. Six and a half weeks to be exact!! Brent-Boy and I just found out last week, and I have to say we are excited and shocked, but we feel so blessed that God has given us such an awesome, wonderful gift. I am almost speechless. Every moment of my days and nights now are filled with baby thoughts, I am so excited!! I am amazed by the miracle of this little babe growing inside me daily. I can't wait to meet him or her!!
My due date is March 01, 2009.
And I hope to have my first OB visit next week.
I will keep all of you my dear friends posted on all the updates and news.
I am thanking the good Lord daily for this wonderful blessing that has come into our lives!!
~Lady Em~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I recieved this wonderful award from Betsy at My Five Men. I have to say it means the world to me when I am picked for an award. I feel like I some how, some way have made a difference. My Five Men is one of my favorite blogs that I haunt on a regular basis. Everytime I visit, I feel like I've pulled up a chair and been handed a hot cup of tea, to sit down and enjoy the newest news, a great story, or an awesome recipe. Thank you so much Betsy, I really appreciate it!!
Here are the guidelines for this award~~
1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving
of this award for their creativity, design,
interesting material, and also contribution to the
blogging community, no matter what language.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author
and link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award
and put the name and link
to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
4) The award winner and one who has given
the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico"
blog so everyone will know the origin to this award.

So here are my Five:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? Thought I was the only one."
~C.S. Lewis~

I've Been Tagged!!

Okay so I am supposed to list seven songs that I have been listening to this summer on a regular basis. I really listen to these songs and artists all the time, not just for summer, I hope that still counts!! And a lot of these are my favorite songs as well. So hum....let me think.

1. Mother Revolution-Tori Amos

2. Tupelo Honey- Van Morrision

3. Into The Mystic- Van Morrision

4. Moondance-Van Morrision

5. LOVE- Nat King Cole

6. Rocketman-Elton John

7. Alison Krauss- Oh, Atlanta

So that's it!! Those are my seven songs that I love. Now I supposed to tag some of ya'll to pick your seven, so if you are reading this, you are tagged!!

Waiting For Fall....

I am not a big summer fan. I don't know, I guess I just never have been. I can deal with about a month of summer, and then I am ready to skip to fall. Maybe it's because my birthday is in October, or maybe it's the fact that summer in Savannah is like living in a swamp, and as soon as you walk out the door your sweating all the makeup that you just put on off. Or maybe it's the fact that when fall rolls around, the air gets a crisp cool smell, the leaves crinkle under your feet, the fall candles are lit and smell up the house with comfort smells, and the Georgia games start. I really have a thing for fall in case ya'll didn't notice. So a couple more months of summer, the dog days are almost here, the hot hot days, and then fall will be here soon!! I can't wait to bombard the Yankee Candle store for fall scents, decorate the house, leave the screen door open for the house to get cool, drink hot chai lattes, and carve pumpkins!!

(These are pictures I found of fall in Georgia!!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation, vacation, I need a vacation!!

Brent-Boy and I are in desperate need of a vacation. A long vacation. Well maybe just two weeks or so. I have to tell you it's been stressful around here for the past couple of months. A lot of it is just the ends and outs of work and life in general. Have you ever just wanted to throw your hands up, say I'm taking a break, and go to some far off land full of magic and fairies? That is me right about now. I have been foaming at the mouth to go the England and Scotland for the past few years, and maybe one day soon, I will get to go. But I would much rather take a trip up to Atlanta to visit with Brent's parents, then go abroad right now. Visiting them is like going home. A place where we can really let our hair down, let the worries slip away, and have fun. Not to mention eating some of the best food ever, and making book store and craft store and antiques store trips with Mrs. Dawn.
I think that once we get things in order somewhat here, we'll take a little trip, a much needed mini break!!