Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Should Have Been A Flapper....

I should have been a flapper....
I am fascinated by the 1920's. The roaring twenties that is. It's just such an interesting time period to me. Women cutting their hair into bobs, wearing slinky short dresses, smoking cigarettes, and just generally rebelling. They were the true rebels, and they knew how to have a good time. Maybe I was a flapper in a past life, who knows?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

~River Street At Night, & Family Comes To Visit.~

My mama and my step-dad Big John!!
This is River Street all lit up at night. The County Commissioners,(including my step-dad from Washington-Wilkes County) from all over Georgia are all in town for one of their annual meetings, and the fireworks were in celebration of their visit. These were taken from the Hyatt Bar on River Street. Can you tell I've been in the margarita's? Check out the massive ship leaving Savannah in the first picture. I love those suckers, they take your breath away when you see them pass!!

London Town

I miss London so much. I spent one of the best weeks here. I think London and I think Mary Poppins's, Portobello Road, Bed knobs & Broomsticks, Harry Potter, fabulous tuna melts, new boots, plays, windows without screens, trips to the country side, green green grass, history, and most of all magic and mystery.

Another Update On 432 Abercorn Street

I had the pleasure of taking a walking tour here in Savannah with my mom and step-dad last night. Of course the first question out of my mouth for this poor tour guide who would soon find that my family asks a million questions, was "do you know anything about 432 Abercorn?" Well yes she did. She told me that a lot of tour companies in Savannah tend to embellish on a lot of stories, which I figured of course. She told me that she didn't know personally whether or not the haunting stories were true, but she did say that the city doesn't have it on it's "left to decay" list. She told me that the house was bought four years ago and that renovations were started. She said that since then the renovations have seemed to have ceased. Hum, wonder why? Anyway, I'm taking matters into my own hands, since I want to find out the real story here. I'm marching my butt on down to the court house to pull records on the house, and find out all I can about it. I wonder if they will let me make copies? Anyway, I will be sure to let ya'll know what I dig up. Maybe I'll find out who the current owners are, bake some of my famous corn bread(the only thing I can cook), and pay them a visit!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

~Houses I Love~

What a neat house!!

Afternoon gate in Savannah.
I am convinced this house is haunted!! Doesn't it look spooky?

I want to live here. I love the tudor look. It reminds me of my time in England.
I think these are snap-dragons?

The owner was fabulous and let me take some pictures of her house. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS HOUSE!!

Notice the old bird cages hanging from the porch. I wonder what the inside looks like?

Baxter comes to visit!!

Brinkley could care less, he just wants his chair.

Baxter really has a thing for tennis balls. Good thing we're stocked up!!

My girls look thoroughly annoyed. As usual.

I don't know if you can tell, but Gretta is COVERED in drool. And she is oh so sleepy.

Don't you just love his bow? He did some laudry with me this morning and wanted to wear it.

Our good friends are out of town for the weekend, and we get to baby-sit their baby, Baxter!! I know he doesn't look much like a baby since he's about the size of a horse, but believe you me he is. Just like all bulldogs I've come to learn.
So it's a house full this weekend. Baxter I have to say is one of the best mannered dogs I have ever meet. He's just a big ball/blob of love, drool, and playfulness. He really likes to play with Gretta Belle, since she is so small, she is covered from head to toe in Baxter drool. She isn't so fond of him, and it's pretty funny to watch little Gretta beat up on Baxter. He's a good sport though. Brent Boy has been calling me the dog women, because everywhere I go, including the bathroom, these fur balls are following me!! Good thing Brent's around, because without him this house would be a zoo. I am a lover of all animals, and every stray in Savannah would be nesting here if it was up to me!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finding Myself Wandering A Hidden Path.

Well ya'll might be sick of me going on about ghosts, but I have to say they have become my favorite subject to explore as of late. I usually get like this, I'll immerse myself in a subject and not come out until I feel like I've fully schooled myself on that subject. And ghost/paranormal/spirits it has been.

My family and I have always taken such an interest in the subject, especially my mom, sister and I which I have mentioned before. Coming from a family of preachers and nurses, the spirit world has always been something that we've fully believed in, experienced, and somewhat timidly explored. It seems that as we get older, we are drawn to it more, and I'm starting to wonder if it is drawn to us more. Now I'm going out on a limb here, so ya'll don't make fun of me. Anyway, I've always been able to sense things that couldn't be seen, my whole family is this way, especially my mom and sister. We've gone to certain places and all have gotten the same feeling, this I experienced with my mom at a what we think now was a haunted bed and breakfast we were staying at in a little town in Texas one summer. As soon as we stepped foot in that house, my mom and I got chills. Now being a rebellious teen at the time, I made no mention of it, and just tried to shrug it off. And guess who got to sleep upstairs the first night all by herself, me, because no one else would sleep up there with me!! Let's just say it wasn't a pleasant night, and I refused to sleep up there alone for the rest of the trip. Years later my mom and I discussed this in detail, and she said that she felt so cold in the house, just as I and my sister and even my little brother had. We felt like the old photographs on the wall were watching us. Pretty creepy stuff!! Experiences like this have happened throughout my life, and when they've happened I've always thought on them long and hard, and couldn't come to any other conclusion but my first thought, which is, well it must have been a "ghost."

So, I'm finding myself testing the waters more and more each day, and getting braver as I go, because one of our biggest fears I think as humans, is the unknown. And that is exactly what I am exploring, the unknown. The world of spirits and ghosts, and strange happening's has fascinated me, and has me wrapped around it's finger like a string. So here I go on a wild adventure. I don't know where it will lead me, what I will learn(even though I know I will learn something), what I will see, and eventually when I emerge whether or not I will have a much different perspective. So ya'll bare with me, because I'm sure I'll be flooding you with pictures, telling you stories( some thrilling I hope), and asking for your honest opinion. I'm excited and nervous all at once. I'm on the edge of the cliff, and I am now ready to jump off. Wish me luck, and happy haunting!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More On Haunted Savannah.

I came upon this link the other day while searching for yes, you got it, more information about 432 Abercorn. Anyway, I plan on buying this book, and taking one of these tours,(hopefully next weekend, when my mom comes down to visit). We really get into the paranormal and our favorite things to do include exploring cemeteries(which my mom now has on her property, another post on that later); exploring churches and haunted houses, and talking about ghosts. Take a look at this link, it's really interesting, and I think ya'll will like it!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

J.K. Rowling goes to court.

I just read this article. I have to say I like both sites, but I understand where she is coming from completely.
I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, so I will be watching this closely.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Present!!

I'm not Catholic, but I have been searching for this medal for a long time now. I finally found it in a shop here in downtown Savannah called Saints and Shamrocks and knew I had to have it!! Brent bought it for me this week, and I can't even begin to explain to you just how much it means to me, but I think he knows!! The pictures aren't so great, since I'm not so good at taking pictures, but at least you'll get a little glimpse. I will wear this everyday, I love it so. And anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a great love and great respect for The Magdalene.

Sleepy Pups....

Lola: "Man I wish she'd stop taking pictures of me."
Gretta Belle: "Yeah I know, she's so annoying with that camera thing. She really scared me a minute ago, I thought the camera was an alien space craft."
Lola: "Gretta you need to lay off whatever dog biscuits you've been eating. An alien space craft?"
Gretta Belle: "Hey you just farted on me! And shut-up about the alien space craft thing!! A lot of time out in my cage makes a girl wonder about life on other planets."
Lola: "Weirdo."
Gretta Belle: "Let's just try to go back to sleep, maybe she'll leave us alone."
Lola: "Probably not, here she comes again with that blasted camera."
Gretta Belle: "If only she'd leave it on the side table, then I could chew it up like I did with her and Brent's phone charger, her favorite pair of high heels, and that power bill."

An Afternoon Stroll.

I thought this was pretty funny, and very creative to!!

A storm was brewing as we were walking. They get pretty scary looking here, but I sure do love a thunderstorm.
Washington Street. The prettiest street in Savannah, I think.

The most amazing things are found in our alley's here. Just look how gorgeous that is!!
This gate looks like it leads to a secret garden doesn't it?
Snow White and her seven drawf's. I was trying to conjure up an image of the people that live here. I bet they're pretty interesting!!

I caught a shot of this little guy as I was wandering around. We were both shocked to see each other! I had the same look on my face when I saw him!!

Storms moving in. It looks worse than it was. It bypassed us....as usual.
One of my favorite houses!! It's just around the corner from me, and I sure do love it!!

Well that was my walk today. I got caught in some "Mary Poppin" wind, (to bad I forgot my umbrella), caught a gnome in action, and got some sun, some fun, some great pictures, and some much needed exercise!!